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Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading ferroalloy manufacturer and supplier, specializing in the production and sales of various ferroalloy products. Including ferrosilicon, calcium silicon, inoculants and FeSiMg nodulizers and other products. Our company specializes in the production and distribution of these ferroalloy materials for various industries.

Premium Product Quality:

At Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd., we put product quality first. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that each batch of ferroalloys undergoes stringent quality control checks for consistency, purity and reliability. By adhering to strict manufacturing standards and utilizing advanced technology, we produce ferroalloys that meet or exceed industry requirements for superior performance and customer satisfaction.

Various ferroalloy products:

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a diverse portfolio of ferroalloys to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our product range includes:

a) Ferrosilicon: Widely used in steelmaking, casting and other metallurgical applications, Ferrosilicon improves the quality and performance of steel products, increasing their strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.

b) Calcium Silicium: Due to the high calcium content, Ferro Calcium is an essential additive in steel production, assisting the deoxidation process and improving the mechanical properties of the final product.

c) Inoculants: Inoculants, such as silicon-based alloys, play a vital role in promoting the formation of fine graphite structures in cast iron, ensuring improved mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and wear resistance.

d) FeSiMg Nodularizers: FeSiMg Nodularizers, such as ferromagnesia, are used in the production of nodular cast iron by promoting the formation of graphite nodules. This enhances the iron's ductility, impact resistance and workability.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities:

Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd. has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with advanced machinery and technology. Our production processes are optimized for efficiency, allowing us to meet large-scale demands without compromising quality. By integrating automated systems and stringent safety measures, we ensure a smooth and uninterrupted production flow, resulting in timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Anyang Lishi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading ferroalloy manufacturer and supplier, we provide comprehensive solutions for steelmaking, casting, etc. With advanced manufacturing facilities, strict quality control, we strive to exceed customer expectations and build long-term partnerships.

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